Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choy!!!

The biggest parade outside China

On Sunday a massive crowd of fifty thousand lined George Street to celebrate the Chinese new year. Hundreds of performers from Beijing joined local groups to put on a spectacular show. "Brilliant colourful costumes" said one observer. Organiser Robert Kok was qouting saying "This cements Sydney as the largest Chinese New Year festival outside of Hong Kong". It was indeed a chance for the local Australians to see Chinese traditional culture, the Year of the Dog brings friendship and good fortune.

The Australian reports:

Fifty thousand spectators turned out to watch more than 500 performers from Beijing, promoting the 2008 Olympics with the Games' slogan "One World One Dream", lead the parade of more than 2000 performers from 50 different groups. But something you won't be seeing in Beijing -- spiritual group Falun Gong -- took up the rear.
The group, banned in China, used the parade to spread its message that the Chinese Government has oppressed and terrorised it unmercifully.

My PA James Farrar took some great photos and they are available to view here:

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