Thursday, March 09, 2006

Outsourcing Hyde Park has failed the City.

A resident's pictures of Hyde Park's decline under outsourced contractors...

When former Lord Mayor Frank Sartor launched his territorial expansion plans on the former South Sydney City Council at the so called 'independent' Sproatts Inquiry he promoted the City's high levels of service delivery standards. I recall a promise that under contractors there will be no grass longer than 10cm in the city's parks and no rubbish bins more than 60% full. The list went on. Now that I am a member of the Council I am appalled at the state of so much of our outdoor contracted oipen space. The pictures below were taken by a CBD constituent Mr Edward Mandler on a recent Sunday morning at Hyde Park. They show quite clearly basic maintenance short comings. I walked through Hyde Park yesterday afternoon and the bins were full and rubbish strewn across the lawns - clearly after the lunch period 4 hours earlier. The gardens, trees and lawns have that 'unloved' look about them. Outsourcing Hyde park's ongoing maintenance and development is short sighted and budget focused and not in touch with the expectations of the city's residents and visitors. We would not accept the outsourcing of the gardeners at the Botanic Gardens. I have argued this at Council but Clover Moore seems too busy to look at the basics of the City's services and told me to 'take it up with the CEO'. Maybe we need Frank back for the sake of our parks and trees!

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