Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Still no Answers from Clover Moore or her 'Team' of so called 'Independents'

Councillors are continuing their demands that Clover Moore reveal the circumstances surrounding the departure of the City's CEO after only 14 months of a 5 year $360,000 per year contract.
The Lord Mayor has still not provided the legal advise that she is hiding behind claiming a 'confidentiality' agreement. Conveniently Easter will now put some distance between the Council meeting, media and public interest and her eventual response. A typical politicians tactic to avoid scrutiny. All those high paid advisors in her office seem to be earning their pay these days.
Meanwhile the ever silent independent Councillors are still to be heard as 'independent' voices in this public scandal.
A glimpse of their feelings was reported in today's Wentworth Courier:
"She then expects others to be inspired by her example" - John McInerney, glowingly referred to as one of 'Clover's Team' by the local Wentworth Courier. I always thought Independents were just that and not part of one team or the other. We all wait to see some genuine Independence form the Clover Moore clones.

And while you visit the Wentworth Courier don't forget to vote on their poll - although the real issue isn't how much money Clover Moore gave to the CEO but WHY!!

And today's Daily Telegraph explores the issue of a replacement CEO:

Clover's struggle
By LILLIAN SALEH Urban Affairs Reporter
April 12, 2006
SYDNEY'S premier council will struggle to find a new chief unless Lord Mayor Clover Moore changes her management style.
That is the frank assessment of the five City of Sydney councillors who staged their first walkout during a council meeting this week.
They accused Ms Moore of being autocratic and "incapable of forming working relationships" with council CEOs.
The protest follows the sudden departure of highly-respected CEO Peter Seamer – the second chief to vacate the top job in the two years Ms Moore has been Lord Mayor.
Mr Seamer left 14 months into his $360,000-a-year, five-year contract.
While it is believed Mr Seamer was made a scapegoat over plans for an eight-storey building on the former water police site at Pyrmont, it emerged yesterday there had been tension between Mr Seamer and Ms Moore for the past three months.
"Peter Seamer was trying to protect Clover Moore from herself and keep her out of fights with the State Government," Liberal councillor Shayne Mallard said.
"She throws rocks at the State Government and then turns around and complains they won't co-operate on local issues."
Mr Mallard said Mr Seamer had been working hard behind the scenes to save Ms Moore from herself, including reducing her spending by 25 per cent over three months amid concerns of over-spending.
Another council source said Ms Moore struggled to separate her roles of Lord Mayor and MP for Bligh.
"He (Mr Seamer) is trying to run a council and has put in a successful strategy of trying to get things done, while she's trying to be the local hero," the source said.
"She (Ms Moore) forgets that as a state independent member her job is to lobby Government, but as Lord Mayor her job is to lead."
Labor Deputy Lord Mayor Verity Firth said council will struggle to find a replacement of Mr Seamer's calibre.
"It took a three-month recruitment process and he was really considered one of the best," Ms Firth told The Daily Telegraph.
"When someone with his reputation 'resigns' after 14 months, a lot of well-qualified people will not be interested in seeking out this job and that's to the absolute detriment of the ratepayers.
"We can't allow personality rifts to disrupt the running of council. There is more at stake than the political prestige of the Lord Mayor."
The Greens' Chris Harris said councillors welcomed a review of delegated powers given to the Lord Mayor allowing her solely to decide the employment of CEOs.
Council's director of community living Monica Barone has been appointed acting CEO, with Ms Moore announcing a selection process to find a permanent chief.

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