Friday, May 11, 2007

Listen to Jan Ghel Danish Architect

Visiting Danish Architect Jan Gehl’s media conference earlier this week is available to listen to on podcast. Note Council's information to the media below:

World-leading expert Danish Architect Professor Jan Gehl was the guest speaker
at a press conference on Tuesday. Professor Jan Gehl and his team have been engaged by the City of Sydney to conduct a Public Spaces and Public Life survey just as he has done in London, Copenhagen, Wellington, Stockholm, Rotterdam and Zurich. Gehl's study will be a landmark urban design initiative for the City to help strike a balance between people, cars and the built form. His Sydney study has been commissioned by the City to feed into our long-term strategic plan - Sydney 2030.
"A good city is like a good party - people stay longer than they planned to because they are enjoying themselves,” Professor Jan Gehl said.

"With smaller households, longer lives and increasingly spread dwellings, the public realm and public life obtains an increasingly important role as the direct meeting place between society and the individual.

"A good public realm where people from all walks of life naturally and casually meet is important for democracy, social cohesion in society, the notion of an 'open city' and the feeling of safety."

To hear Tuesday’s conference, download the podcast which is available on the City of Sydney website.

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