Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Independent' monopoly held by Moore

The SMH today reports the first outside 'hat' to be thrown into the race for Lord Mayor of Sydney in 2008 elections. It's worth noting that current representatives on the City Council are either major party candidates or the well resourced Clover Moore party members. Being an elected MP since 1988 has entrenched the Clover Moore brand and elevated her to almost an iconic symbol of inner city populism. Add to that the $100's thousands in state MP printing allowances and Council's own $7.5 million spin/marketing budget for 2007/8, then how can any non millionaire candidate compete? Without Council wards ( something the Moore Councillors are luke warm about and have delayed by sending off to a special sub-committee to investigate) - the average local community member not in Moore's fan club has very little chance to get elected as a Councillor let alone Lord Mayor.
Mayoral contender from the arts end of London
Sunanda Creagh Urban Affairs ReporterJune 13, 2007
COUNCIL elections are still 18 months away but the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, already faces tough competition for the top job in local government.A former head of the Australia Council, Michael Lynch, says he will stand for lord mayor after returning from a stint as an arts administrator in London. "I might come back as lord mayor of Sydney," he said. "Yes, I'm serious, though Sydney might not be serious about it for me. But I would love to grab hold of Sydney and give it a shake while I am still standing."Mr Lynch, 56, a former director of the Opera House and general manager of the Sydney Theatre company, masterminded the revitalisation of South Bank Centre, one of London's top art and music venues. As a colourful independent, free of the shackles of a party machine, he may put a dent in Cr Moore's share of the vote, but the incumbent Lord Mayor is playing it cool.
"It's a democracy, and anyone can run," she said yesterday, confirming that she planned to stand for re-election in September next year.
A former president of the NSW upper house, Meredith Burgmann, has also said she will run and is prepared to stand against Mr Lynch - a friend - to get it.
"I am still amazed that Clover ran again for the state seat, and I am still angry that she sees being the lord mayor as a part-time job," Dr Burgmann said yesterday. "I am from the half of Sydney she doesn't represent. She still thinks of the City of Sydney as the King's Cross area."
Dr Burgmann, an aunt of the City of Sydney councillor and MP Verity Firth, said she thought Mr Lynch needed a higher local profile to win the lord mayoralty.
"I think that Michael is a lovely man and it would make a very interesting vote because he would certainly appeal to the same demographic as Clover," she said.
"It won't be the sort of arts community who would be his natural voters; it's the residents, and it's residential issues that decide the City of Sydney vote."
In the City of Sydney, voters elect the mayor directly.

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