Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mallard to call for $50,000 donation to Salvation Army for Red Shield Appeal

"Thank God for the Salvos. We must never lose sight that every night, without fanfare, organisations like the Salvation Army find shelter and sustenance for Sydney's growing number of homeless men and women," Councillor Shayne Mallard said today.

"As winter approaches and nights become colder, it is a stark reminder of how hard life has become for those without a home. The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal this weekend aims to raise money to help Sydney's homeless and I would encourage everyone to give generously to this very worthy cause.

"People in Sydney ask me, almost on a daily basis, why there are so many homeless people sleeping in doorways and on park benches every night when we are such a wealthy city. There is of course no simple answer, but there is no doubt that we need to do more to tackle the problem of homelessness in our city.

Councillor Mallard announced today that at the extraordinary meeting of Council on Monday, which has been called by the Lord Mayor to approve her suggested $100,000 donation to the Chinese earthquake appeal, he will be calling on Council to also support a donation of up to $50,000 to the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

"I will asking the Council to match dollar for dollar the generosity of our residents, small businesses and ratepayers up to maximum of $50,000.

"Whilst I support the $100,000 donation to the Chinese earthquake appeal I fear that international pleas for help distract us from the very real needs in our own backyard. That is why I want Council to back the generosity of our residents by matching their donations to the Red Shield Appeal to help the needy of Sydney.

"The Salvation Army does a fantastic job on the ground in the City of Sydney on behalf of the residents and ratepayers and I think we ought to recognize their work with a substantial donation. Many people would have seen the ABC TV documentary, The Oasis, that gave us an insight into the daily struggle that confronts people at the margins of society and the compassionate but practical way the Salvos meet these immense challenges.

"I am sure the people of Sydney will support a substantial contribution to the Salvation Army. The Salvos target for 2008 is to raise $68 million nationally. It is a big number and it just goes to show the extent of the work that the Salvation Army does to help the most disadvantaged in our community."

Support the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal here.

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