Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Taxation without Representation

No Taxation Without Representation - call for Businesses to enrol to Vote. Sydney businesses pay around $150 million a year in rates and charges to the City of Sydney Council. This represents about 50% of the annual running costs of the Council, Councillor Shayne Mallard said today at the launch of the new website: www.SydneyBusinessVotes.org.au At the 2004 council elections, only 2000 businesses and non residents who own businesses or pay rates enrolled. The City of Sydney Council estimates that potentially 20,000 business owners and lessees may be eligible to vote in the 2008 election.'"I believe the current Lord Mayor and her party's control of the Council is set on a course to run down the city's hard-earned cash reserves by the end of her next term.
" Next week Council will adopt a budget for 2008/09 that has buried in its report an underlying cash deficit of $113 Million.
" This Council administration is continuing an orgy of spending at the rate of over $2 million of our savings each week. ($2,173,000 per week).
"At the end of this Lord Mayor's planned final term the business rate payers will be forced to pick up the credit card debt for this Council's excesses. "
"The September election is therefore vital to the future prosperity of businesses large and small in Sydney. It has taken years to build up these reserves and now, the Lord Mayor is planning to spin and spend her way back into office for her farewell term. " "I have set up a simple website to help businesses through the paperwork to vote.
The ALP State government legislated to make the process difficult for business owners by wiping the non-resident roll before each election, forcing businesses to re-enrol each time.
The applications for enrolment are available on the website and we have an e-mail help facility to answer any questions you may have. There is a link to the NSW Electoral Commission page for further information. Monday, 4 August is the deadline to enrol to vote on 13 September. "
The City of Sydney Council makes decisions every day that affect the future of business in this great city. I urge all business owners and non-resident ratepayers to get on the roll today. "
Council Corporate Plan and Budget 2008/09

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