Saturday, November 12, 2005

Costello's blunt message

Somewhat confrontational fellow right of centre blogger Toby (Bilious Young Fogey) picks up on the Treasurer's comments in Parliament this week and I find that I could not agree more. We need to draw a line on this anti-Australian undemocratic agenda and not allow it to prosper under the protection of a politically correct umbrella.
It does not go unnoticed that inner city Labor party members are those opposing the anti-terror laws and arrests in different jurisdictions. Where are the Labor lawyers from Bankstown or Canberra? Perhaps the terminally weakened Kim Beazley et al have left another political vacuum just like the war in Iraq now filled by members of the inner city trendy Labor left. SMH on terror day in court.

To the point
Australians are famously blunt.

The Federal Treasurer:
"If you are somebody who wants to live in an Islamic state governed by sharia law you are not going to be happy in Australia, because Australia is not an Islamic state, will never be an Islamic state and will never be governed by sharia law. We are a secular state under our constitution, our law is made by parliament elected in democratic elections. We do not derive our laws from religious instruction. There are Islamic states around the world that practise sharia law and if thatÂ’s your object you may well be much more at home in such a country than trying to turn Australia into one of those countries, because itÂ’s not going to happen."

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