Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Failed Exit Strategy

From Town Hall meetings to world politics. I thought the quote from George Bush in today's press very powerful. The picture accompanying it of the President exiting a press conference only to discover the door locked is quite amusing and had to give rise to the inevitable 'exit strategy' captions.

"Free people did not falter in the Cold War, and free people will not falter in the war on terror. Like the ideology of communism, the ideology of Islamic radicalism is destined to fail - because the will to power is no match for the universal desire to live in freedom." President Bush in Mongolia.

Picture above: "Failed exit strategy ... George Bush finds himself in a spot of bother as he pulls on a locked door while trying to leave a news conference in Beijing" Photo: AP /SMH

Bush praises Mongolian hordes for revisiting Iraq
November 22, 2005
George Bush yesterday became the first US president to visit Mongolia, thanking the heirs of Genghis Khan for sending troops to join his "war against terror".
Mr Bush stopped in the bitterly cold Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, for four hours on his way home from an Asian tour that has taken him to Japan, South Korea and China.
In a speech to Mongolian leaders and members of parliament at the central government building, Mr Bush said Mongolians had stood with Americans as "brothers in the cause of freedom". The nation of 2.8 million mostly nomadic people has sent 160 soldiers to Iraq - the first Mongolian soldiers in the country since a son of Genghis Khan sacked Baghdad in 1258 and slaughtered most of its Muslim population. The number is small but White House officials pointed out to reporters that, per capita, only two other countries - Britain and Denmark - had sent more of their soldiers to Iraq.
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