Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bridge Heart has no Hidden Agenda

The last day of the year and the one of the most annoying letters to the Editor I have read this year. Any eCouncillor reader will know that I am not the first to jump to the defence of our Lord Mayor Clover Moore, but for Ash Meredith of Birchgrove (Daily Telegraph letters page 31/12/05) to attribute this year's Harbour Bridge display of a beating heat (pictured above taken by me walking across the bridge on Christmas Day) as 'a canvas for Clover Moore to tell the world that she is gay friendly...' and that the theme and presentation is a 'Mardi Gras style pink heart' that belongs in Oxford Street and not on 'a national icon,' says more about the writer's issues than Clovers.
When the beating heart concept was presented to Councillors there was no mention of Mardi Gras or gay issues. Rather the heart is a wonderful and appropriate tribute to the generosity of all Australian's after a year of disasters and sadness for many at home and abroad. My only silent concern was that the iconic heart could be interpreted as the logo for Streets icecreams!

As to Mr Meredith's comments about what next '2007 NYE a safe sex message' on the bridge, he may be shocked to discover that the State government and RTA already display huge red ribbons on the pylons for World AIDS Day each year (1 December). Shock horror pandering to a minority!! - particularly in our near Asian neighbours where AIDS is killing millions of people.

That off my chest - and I am writing to the tele. Unfortunately the
Daily Telegraph web site does not appear to host the newspaper's letters (unlike te SMH). If someone can find the letter on line then let me know. Page 16 of today's edition.

Now for a horticultural fireworks display of my own.
My favourite plants - Bromeliads.
Happy New Year!!!!

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