Friday, December 09, 2005

Questions to the Lord Mayor

Clover Moore graciously allows Councillors to as two questions without notice at each meeting (Council meetings are approximately once a month). Whilst her 'team' of Councillors usually ask 'Dorothy Dixers' - I pursue issues, information and support on various matters. Here are two I recently asked:


Question to the Lord Mayor. Community anger and resentment continues to build over many street closures associated with the Cross City Tunnel contract. The latest to cause uproar is the dramatic reduction of lanes on Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross Road and Craigend Street at the intersections of Darlinghurst Road above the Kings Cross Tunnel. Craigend Street has been reduced from 3 lanes to 1, Darlinghurst Road south of Kings Cross Road has been reduced from 3 lanes to 1, Craigend Street Ramp down to William Street has been reduced from 2 lanes to 1. The result of the narrowing of these roads has been dramatic traffic snarls over the past few weeks. On the weekend queues of cars forced into one lane stretched back at times 20 or 30 cars. Surely these constrictions of local traffic are not to service the CCT contractors? They serve to dramatically inconvenience local residents going about their day to day activities and who cannot use the tunnel for these purposes. Can Council urgently review the lane changes in this area and advise of any steps that Council can take to reduce the excessive nature of the lane reductions.

Answer by the Lord Mayor: The answer is yes, Councillor Mallard. I think Councillors need a briefing and I think we need to bring in the RTA.


Lord Mayor, last month during question time Councillor Michael Lee took the opportunity to single out bicycle couriers for the focus of Council√É‚’s attention. My question to you LM is an opportunity to work more closely with the Bicycle Messengers of the City. From the 27th to 31st of October 2006 up to 300 International Bicycle Couriers and their family and supporters will descend upon Sydney for the International Cycle Messenger World Championships. These will be held at Sydney Olympic Park -The Olympics of Cycle Couriers. This year it was held in New York City and in previous years Copenhagen, Budapest, San Francisco and London. There is a tradition though not always taken up for the host city to provide a welcome breakfast for the competitors and their supporters. Would the City of Sydney be prepared to host a breakfast BBQ at Martin Place for the Cycle Messenger World Championships in 2006.

Answer by the Lord Mayor: Thank you Council(lor) Mallard we will take that on notice and investigate.


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