Tuesday, May 02, 2006

'Labor' Councillor reports - exaggerated!!

Whilst some of my opponents suggest that small 'l' Liberals are in the wrong party it seems The Australian today is keen to assist them.

Mayor's act 'like a queen'
D. D. McNicoll

May 02, 2006
SYDNEY Lord Mayor Clover Moore had behaved "like a monarch" in accepting the resignation of former City of Sydney chief executive Peter Seamer without reference to the council, one of the councillors claimed last night.

As Ms Moore banned the public and media from an extraordinary council meeting last night to discuss the reasons behind the surprise resignation, Labor councillor Tony Pooley told the Mayor she had acted "like a monarch" rather than a member of a 10-strong council.

"We believe you exceeded your authority in accepting Mr Seamer's resignation," Mr Pooley said. "We have a legal opinion that you exceeded your powers."
Mr Pooley also claimed Ms Moore had misled councillors over the circumstances of Mr Seamer's resignation.

"These are things that need to be talked about in open debate," he said.
Other Labor members, led by former federal minister Michael Lee and the Deputy Lord Mayor Verity Firth, also sought to have the matter heard in public, but after an hour of robust discussion Ms Moore used her numbers to stifle further debate.

Labor councillor Shayne Mallard said he would argue that the council should refer the whole matter to the NSW Ombudsman.

"We are concerned by the lack of transparency," he said, "The resources of the council are being squandered to protect your position. You are hiding behind expensive lawyers."

Mr Seamer resigned on April4, 14 months into a five-year contract.
Council sources said Mr Seamer's desire to ease the planning backlog before the council had caused friction with the Lord Mayor.

Speaking in defence of her decision to close last night's meeting, Ms Moore said she had accepted Mr Seamer's resignation under her authority to deal with employment matters relating to the chief executive.

Mr Seamer, who was on a salary of $360,000, left the council with a $180,000 payout.


and my letter to the Australian

Dear Editor

DD McNicoll's description of me as a 'Labor' councillor is grossly exaggerated.

yours sincerely

Shayne Mallard
Liberal Councillor

City of Sydney


Norman said...

Not only were you named as a Labor councillor, most of the things attributed to Labor Cr Tony Pooley were said by Greens Cr Chris Harris.

Has The Australian suddenly decided to throw it weight the ALP?

Never mind, the Liberal, Labor and Greens councillors are doing a good job attempting to make Clover Moore accountable to those of us who live in the City of Sydney. Not an easy job!

Keep up the good work.

Phil said...

Amusing........I think it's your love of bicycle riding (a lefty pastime), it has to stop in order for McNicholl/News to take you seriously as a Liberal.