Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Satirical look at the City's Administration

HM Queen Clover 1st

Queen Clover loved to walk her dogs. She would spend many an hour walking fast through the city parks and grounds. Her love for this terrified her loyal Councillors, who feared that she would seriously injure, or even kill herself, from such activity. Queen Clover would tire out her Councillors by walking hard, and early in her reign, Peter Seamer, her Chief Executive Officer, had to bring over some new dogs from the Queen's Macquarie Street palace, as Clover's own dogs were not fast or strong enough for her.
Queen Clover and Peter S would walk and talk together often. He was probably the most accomplished dog walker in the realm, and could match Clover's speed and vigour. In the summer of 2006, Clover and Peter S walked together almost everyday, while some of her minions bewailed that Clover was neglecting matters of the city state. Until finally Queen Clover accused Peter of treachery and then forced him to fall on his sword in order to save her flagging reputation.

(With apology to Queen Elizabeth 1 & Lord Dudley -

and after repeated requests - the new Lord Mayoral portrait. At least we are not portraying the Lord mayor as a dog per Alan Moir. Back to more serious writings soon.


mrcreosote said...

Elizabeth had better hair.

Shayne Mallard said...

Thr better hair version is now posted. Required as screen savers at Council and soon to grace the CBD banner poles and sides of our Council fleet.

honi soit qui mal y pense

...Order of the Clover