Friday, January 11, 2008

NRMA triggers bicycle debate

The NRMA's attack on bicycle infrastructure investment has triggered an angry debate in today's SMH including an editorial calling for more use of footpaths (something the City of Sydney is doing as shared zones in some areas where pedestrian numbers are not high), an op ed penned by Clover Moore's office, a news report and a series of letters including mine below. I'm off to ride my bike now. PS great pic on line and reproduced here as well!

Letters to the Editor

Where has the NRMA been? All over the Western world urban people are increasingly turning to cycling for transport and recreation. Sydney City Council research shows people want to take up cycling for environmental, health and economic reasons but are reluctant because of the lack of safe, coherent cycling infrastructure. This is where the NRMA's rubbery financial figures fall down. The cycling infrastructure that today's governments are finally building is an investment for generations to come. As an NRMA member I should point out that in any one week I drive my car, catch public transport, walk to work and ride my bicycle. Our road infrastructure must be understood in a balanced and sustainable context if it is to serve Sydney for generations to come.
Councillor Shayne Mallard Sydney

Bike lanes dangerous, cyclists warn

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