Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Barons looks safe for now

eCouncillor is back in Sydney after a few weeks in sweltering Europe. I take a break and a horrible war breaks out and Clover Moore announces CCTV for Oxford Street. The latter something eCouncillor has been calling for for the past 6 years.

Council Committees met last night and will do so again tonight to clear a record number of DA's and reports including the Hyde Park masterplan and Bicycle Strategy. On a long list of development applications is one to demolish a Kings Cross landmark. I strongly oppose the demolition and called on Council to reject the proposal even though staff recommended approval. I am pleased to report that the application was refused at Committee last night and that should be concluded at Council on Monday night. The applicants options are now to either go to court and overturn the Council decision or come back with a new DA involving restoration and adaptive re-use of the buildings. Either way Barons is not out of danger yet.


Mallard calls on Council to save the last of Kings Cross' unique character

Liberal Sydney City Councillor Shayne Mallard has called upon the City Council to act now and save the rapidly disappearing unique character of Kings Cross by tossing out the application to demolish the much loved 'Barons' bar and restaurant on Roslyn Street, Kings Cross.
This Monday night Council's Planning Development Committee will consider an application to demolish the three intertwined buildings that date back to the 1880's and to replace them with a four storey modern building containing a restaurant and commercial offices.
Shayne Mallard said that , “This represents yet another loss to the unique character of Kings Cross and it’s gone far enough.”
"Council has successfully managed the ongoing clean up of Kings Cross and the economic renewal is now well underway, however we must act urgently to save the last buildings of Kings Cross' unique bohemian past."
"Barons and the related small businesses are the last examples of the much loved Kings Cross of yesteryear".
In calling for the refusal of the demolition Shayne Mallard points to the lack of independent research by Council on the social heritage of the buildings and no evidence in the reports of any proposed adaptive reuse of the existing buildings.
"This is an opportunity to restore the buildings and preserve the unique heritage streetscape of Roslyn Street. "
"Heritage value is not just about bricks and mortar - it must include the human and social history of a place."
"The demolition of Barons will be the end of the Kings Cross of old - the Kings Cross that attracted the artists, musicians and the unique characters to the area for over a century."
In strongly opposing the proposal Councillor Shayne Mallard said he was acting in the interests of residents and businesses in the area.
"The community strongly objects to this proposal with 51 submissions and a 1118 signatures on a petition all calling for the retention of the heritage buildings and preservation of the mixed small shops at street level."
"The demolition of Barons will be the sad farewell to the bohemian Kings Cross of yesteryear."
Councillor Shayne Mallard is a member of the Planning Committee. It will meet from 530pm on Monday 31st July at Sydney Town Hall Council Chambers. Members of the public are encouraged to attend.
The details of the Development Application including colour images are available on-line

28 July 2006

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