Wednesday, August 30, 2006

City to put Rangers on Bicycles


City to put Rangers on Bicycles

Liberal City of Sydney Councillor Shayne Mallard has called upon the Council to introduce bicycle based City Rangers to patrol the CBD and inner city.

Noting that the NSW Police have regularly patrolled the streets on bicycles since the 2000 Olympics, Councillor Mallard asked the Lord Mayor at tonight's meeting to introduce bicycle transport for the City's Rangers.

" Bicycle Police patrols are a welcome sight on our city streets ," Shayne Mallard said.

"City Rangers riding bicycles attending to their duties in parking enforcement and patrolling our open spaces would be a more civic minded way to interact with our community members."

The City currently employs Rangers located in the CBD and at various One-Stop-Shops around the inner city.

"Bicycle based Rangers would also help to activate our emerging bicycle networks and lanes, assisting with education and enforcing responsible behaviour from cyclists and other road users."

Shayne Mallard's proposal was supported by the Lord Mayor.

Shayne noted that there would be no compulsion for existing staff to 'get on their bike' but that a training program, bikes, clothing and equipment would be introduced to volunteers and new staff recruited over time.

"Introducing bicycle Rangers will assist in the physical and mental well being of our staff with the health benefits of cycling well documented."

"Bicycle Rangers will also help reduce our organisation's contribution to traffic and parking congestion as well as be a positive contributor to the environment."

Councillor Shayne Mallard who is a keen cyclist himself looks forward to the success and possible expansion of this initiative to other areas of the Council's 2000 staff.

28 August 2006

(pictured - Councillors John McInerney and Shayne Mallard at the recent Ride to Work awards breakfast.)

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