Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sydney turns White

Sydney received an unexpected white dusting yesterday as an unexpected hail storm turned the streets white. Some of Council's properties were damaged (details below) but in general the storm passed without too much hardship. The temperature dropped 10 degrees in 30 minutes! People running in the hail and cars not reducing their speed as they sped past Town hall where I took these happy snaps. It was all over in 30 minutes and the ice melted away in 60 minutes.

5 Council properties have been affected :
Hilder Booler- water damage to switchboard, ceilings and carpet, centre unlikely to open tomorrow.
Pyrmont Community Centre- water damage area roped off centre can function
Paddington Town Hall- Cinema ceiling and sound system damaged unlikely to open tonight or tomorrow some other areas affected
Redfern Day Care- some water damage assessment needed
94 Oxford- water penetration assessment in progress

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