Thursday, September 08, 2005

Carlton and United Breweries Site

It appears Council will be deferring the adoption of the draft planning controls for the CUB site in Chippendale as a result of the delay by our parallel planning body CSPC (Central Sydney Planning Committee). These were to be endorsed by council for public exhibition for a period of 28 days, including a draft LEP. After the aborted development proposal from Australand, Council was criticised for excessive restrictions on the site including strong limits on car parking provisions. The architectural design competition initiated by the previous Council inspired some creative high rise proposals. These should not be thrown out with the dish water. I also note that Council has decided to back down on the hyper-restrictive car parking allocation for the site.

CUB is one of the most important inner city redevelopments currently on the drawing board. Council must be prepared to work positively with the owner and potential developers in order to deliver excellence in urban renewal and sustainable revenue return to the owner and developers. The danger for Council is the new Planning Minister Frank Sartor (lord of the Redfern Waterloo Authority) using his new planning powers will to take control of the site from Clover Moore. Council and local residents will then find themselves side-lined in the development process.

The terms of a planning agreement had not been reached between COS and the CUB owners. Despite this, it is considered that public exhibition of the draft LEP and draft DCP should occur, and negotiations continue on the planning agreement. The report also recommends the Council endorse the draft Conservation Management Plan.


Anonymous said...

Clr Mallard, you seem to have left out the main breaking news about the CUB site. See Below. The Chippendale resident groups are livid.

Press release begins:

Greens Councillor resigns from CSPC after sell out on controls by independent councillors.

Greens Councillor Chris Harris announced his resignation from the Central Sydney Planning Committee in protest at the sell out by fellow councillors on planning controls for the Carlton & United Brewery site in Chippendale.

Cr Harris said “ This is a lost opportunity for Sydney to prove that it is serious about reducing car usage on the City streets as other global cities have done”

The council staff had recommended a parking rate of .57 cars per apartment on the CUB site in Chippendale. This means that around 1000 cars would have been housed upon the site once it was fully developed. This recommended parking rate resulted from an independent study commissioned by the City of Sydney Council in 2004 and reflected the current level of car use in the suburb.

But the other councillor representatives on the CSPC Lord mayor Clover Moore and Deputy Lord mayor John McInerney have done a complete about face and have decided to support a much higher rate of parking of almost one car to each apartment.

“So much for the Lord Mayor’s vision of a City of Villages. Instead the Lord Mayor and her deputy have decided to turn Chippendale into a parking lot” said Cr Harris

“Chippendale is an area where almost half of the households have chosen not to own a car. This is because it is so superbly serviced by public transport and is within walking distance of many of the City’s attractions.” said Cr Harris. “Why on earth would the city council decide on such a massive increase in car parking in a suburb that should be dedicated to walking and cycling. The environmental impact of 800 extra cars in such a small area will be huge”

At a briefing of the CSPC last on Thursday 1st September Cr Harris made out a detailed case followed by an impassioned plea to fellow CSPC members to adopt the parking rate recommended by council staff.

Cr Harris commented : “ Both the Lord Mayor and her Deputy had previously committed to supporting a low car ownership village in Chippendale. Neither of them said one word of support for the case that I put forward. They had clearly been “got at” by the state government members of the committee and had caved in to pressure to increase the parking rate.”

“The residents of Chippendale will be the losers here with a daily diet of the exhaust fumes of an extra 800 cars” said Cr Harris. “The only winner will be the site’s owner who stands to gain millions of dollars following the windfall parking allowances handed to them on a platter by the Lord Mayor and her Deputy.”

For more information : Greens Cr Chris Harris 0407 469 384

Annita said...

Thank God for the Greens - are these people the only ones with the guts and principles to stand up to the government, state or local?

Brian Fletcher said...

Clr Chris Harris is rightly livid at the pro-car developers getting their way.
Who's environment is this anyway?
Developers have no "right" per se, to develop a site.
There are no rights to develop enshrined in any coucnil regulation, in any Act of parliament or the Constitution, just as there are no rights to drive a car.
There are merely opportunities.
If developers want to develop a site council must decide if it is a real developerment or really just exploitation.
In this case the CSPC is a state government-dominated Commitee which does deals.
It should be scrapped as it does not represents residents and ratepayers- it consists of faceless beurocrats.
Brian Fletcher, resident Broadway

Heather said...
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Anonymous said...
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Peter@Newtown said...
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Anonymous said...

It is not Council's role to deliver a "sustaibnle return to developers". This is corrupt

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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James said...

Now you are on the CSPC will you be voting to give the developers a "sustainable revenue return" ie money, or will be voting on the merits of the application?
Just how much has your campaign received in developer's donations?

Shayne Mallard said...

James(is that your real name?), thanks for your virtual anonymous flaming of my blog site - not. let us know your one.

All donations to my campaigns are disclosed per the laws of Australia and policies of Council. I sincerely thank those who support my campaigns because without them (and its the same for Greens or Clover Moore - dont duck that one) we could not get our message out in the campaign. SM

Phil said...

It is not local council's job to provide a "sustainable revenue return".
Mr Mallard thank those developers who have supported his campaign, but what has he done for them? Supported their DAs?
Aren't we entitled to know?

Shayne Mallard said...

All donations to my campaigns are disclosed per the laws of Australia and policies of Council. If you have such a concern about one Coucnillor then you would be aware that I have been an vocal advocate at Council, within the party and at the NSW Local Government Association that all donations to campaigns in local government be restricted to induviduals only and capped at $2,000 per annum. Check out the Greens donations return where many induviduals have donated ten of thousands of dollars. Where did this money come from - not disclosed? Until all parties and candidates agree to this policy it will not work. SM