Tuesday, September 20, 2005

For those with dogs say hi to Malcolm's Dog Blog

Whilst City of Sydney residents live in the Sydney Federal electorate we look east enviously at the energetic Liberal Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull. His IT edge is ahead of nearly all other MP's in Parliament. But even I raised an eyebrow yesterday to read that Malcolm had launched a Dog Blog. Now I have received some unfair criticism because my blog eCouncillor strays from the strictly local government 3 R's issues that some readers feel it should only be - (too much Denmark or gardens apparently) but since I no longer own dogs (sadly can't have a Great Dane on level 12 of an inner city apartment) , I guess a dog blog from eCouncillor will not be in the near future. Those who remember my short tempered black cat Crispin will be pleased to know that he continues to thrive on the farm at Dubbo after a thrilling and misspent youth in Darlinghurst. For those with dogs say hi to Malcolm's Dog Blog From the blog below...

"Welcome to Jojo, Mellie and Rusty's Dog Blog!
Wentworth is definitely a dog friendly electorate. The sprawling parks, wide footpaths and vast green reserves in many of Wentworth's suburbs make it a very happy doggy place!
Malcolm Turnbull, Wentworth's own Federal Member loves dogs. He has three of his own – a red cattle dog,
Rusty and two Maltese silkies, Jojo and Mellie. Jojo, Mellie and Rusty love living in Wentworth."

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